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FIRST (lol)

Somewhat darker than your other music. The synthesis is very expressive and interesting. Really cool sounds. It's a seemingly mysterious sounding track with a very funky groove, which is cool to listen to. I love the way you build the suspense in some of the sections.

Also, congrats on the fiance, and thanks a lot for reviewing my track :D

durn responds:

Hey DISTRIX! :) Thanks for the congratulations on the engagement, dude! :D

Indeed, this time I went for something a little moodier, a little stranger. This is kinda what I imagine a deepsleep through space would be like. Slow and steady then waking up to hustle-bustle of life again and then back to sleep all over again on your voyage to the next planet.


Your music is incredibly fresh. Of all the dance music I hear, your style is something that I can't get enough of. It's very organic and well composed. Great work as always on this track.

One day down the road, I want to collab with you on a track. Just saying lol.

durn responds:

:) Thanks DISTRIX. I agree, you've got a great understanding of beats, I do believe we should work together on something in the future as I love melodies but am lacking in how I attack the rhythm sections.


Alanisnotcool thinks that different sounds make music better. This is not true. The harmonic flow and melodic elements are what create music. The genericness comes from the track itself, but it's not a bad track. It's just a bit dull. Generic uplifting trance is a bit overdone, which is why I would suggest that you experiment with your style and composition a little more instead of pirate a bunch of software instruments in hopes that you'll be a better musician (like a lot of noobs do on this site) lol. I think producers tend to forget sometimes that music is the core of their production... not the quality of the sounds.

Anyways, good work and keep it up.

WildeKeizer responds:

I don't think I am a better musician just because I use presets. I know I am somewhat generic and I am doing my best to improve.

Listen to my new song called 'Now Is The Time'. You can see, that I try other genres as well instead of generic Trance.

Do not judge a book by its cover.

Distrix (aka Jeremy Strickland) produces electronica for you. Listen and enjoy. Be sure to follow me at my other sites on YouTube, Soundcloud, and Facebook :)

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